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How to tune skis, repair skis and mount bindings. This part of the site will be updated as I do work on my quiver.

Paper Binding Templates

2009-07-02 Perisher Report

3rd of July 2009 - How to mount telemark bindings onto a pair of skis.

The process detailed below was part of remounting a pair of Rossi 9X 183cm GS race skis I bought to participate in the masters races this year against the alpine racers, except I'll be telemarking (hopefully I might manage to beat one or two). Before I started work on this article I sold the alpine bindings and I had a two pairs of skis with holes in them ready to be remounted (a pair of SL skis as well)....more

Bomber Bishop Paper Template

26th of July 2008 - Bomber Bishop Mounting Template

Paper Mounting Template for the newer Bomber Bishop subplate which uses the standard 4 hole pattern.