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Perisher Valley 12th of July 2009

I was looking forward to skiing this morning since my Masters race training had a 7am start, we would have the Lindner Run all to ourselves until 9am. But sadly the weather was not as excited as me and the forecast overnight snow fell as rain instead. We spent our training time below the cloud in warm temperatures which made the snow very soft. You could see the big patches of dirt at the bottom of Blue Calf T-Bar grow between each run of the course.

The snow was so soft that after every second run we had to snow plow and side slip down the course to try and cover the large ruts we were digging. We chopped up the slope so much a racer in the group who used the Lindner Run next as their training course managed to lose a ski. 17 people spent half an hour looking for a ski on a groomed run.

Later in the day I caught up with Chris Ernst and Tony Nicholson for some more runs at Guthega. Karl’s Run stayed in good nick throughout the day and The Screw had a couple of stashes of surprisingly good snow considering the overnight rain. As we left sago was consistently falling, but I don’t think we will get much snow tonight. Hopefully this system will deliver enough snow to at least maintain conditions.

  The Course down Lindner Run  
The Course down Lindner Run
  "Slipping the Course"  
"Slipping the Course"
  Big patches appearing  
Big patches appearing
  We need more snow  
We need more snow
  Karl's Run was in great shape  
Karl's Run was in great shape
  The weather never seemed to want to deliver the forecast snow  
The weather never seemed to want to deliver the forecast snow

If any of your telemarkers out there in the interwebz think running gates might be fun I highly recommend it. Your skiing will improve and it is heaps of fun.

Richard Hocking