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Perisher Valley 25th of July 2009

Today started off as a near perfect day, the temperatures had stayed cold since the dump on Wednesday/Thursday, the sky was clear and there was hardly any wind. After the big dump all of the patches have been well covered up. For the first hour Chris Ernst and I had a ball on Towers with a pair of 207cm Super G skis and a pair of 203cm Womens’ Down Hill skis. The race training I have done this year has paid off, I could control the SG skis much better than when I skied them last year (they only managed 4 runs before I pulled a binding out of one ski, I sheared the two rear screws). After the crowds got too much (1 traversing beginner) we headed back to the Perisher Centre to grab some more sensible skis and to pick up Tony Nicholson.

We quickly headed up the quad to make our way to our favourite powder stash. The snow was still bone dry and 20-30cm deep. On the way back Tony and I hiked to the ridgeline between Pleasant Valley and the Interceptor. The snow was great here too, and I had fun with a little drop. By the time we got back to Mt P the day had got hot and most of the off piste had turned into refrozen crud, there was the odd patch of nice snow, but you had to look hard. The wind had also picked up, making the spindrift glisten in the afternoon light.

  Olympic first thing  
Olympic first thing
Towers From the triple Towers  
Towers From the triple Towers
  The view from Back Perisher to Mt Twynam  
The view from Back Perisher to Mt Twynam
  Looking down from the Back Perisher Trig  
Looking down from the Back Perisher Trig
Walking out from Farm Creek Farm Creek still not buried  
Walking out from Farm Creek Farm Creek still not buried
  Very thin in Pretty Valley  
Back Perisher from the ridge between Plesant Valley and Interceptor
Landing First Turn
Down the face Skiing out
Me skiing a fun line
  Spindrift in the afternoon  
Spindrift in the afternoon

I am still amazed how much good snow was about three days after the last fall, oh and long skis truck.

Richard Hocking

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