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Perisher 25th of August 2010

Today was the day of the season, that is all I really need to say, but since I’m sure you would like more detail, here it is. I managed to finish my field work as the lifts started up at Smiggins. Link didn’t open until 9:00 so I had my first ever freshies day at Smiggins. There was 15cm to 20cm of dry, dry snow which was a joy to ski in, especially with the good visibility. I made my way over to International and had more great turns in the GS bowl. Over here the snow was drifting to 30cm. But the real goods were over in Shifty’s again. Here I found snow 40cm to 50cm deep and with reasonable visibility I had first tracks for 5 laps. There was no-one around, half of the people skiing Eyre were lodge managers.

  A punter enjoying Will's Wander  
A punter enjoying Will's Wander
  Great snow on Blanche's  
Great snow on Blanche's
  Fall Line  
Fall Line
  First Tracks on Shifty's  
First Tracks on Shifty's
  More Shifty's first tracks for me!  
More Shifty's first tracks for me!

The snow was so deep, so cold and so dry with no one around. Today was easily the day of the season.

Richard Hocking